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Find great deals for Schneider Electric Altivar 61 50hp AC Drive ATV61HD37N4. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Schneider Electric ATV61HD37N4 AC Drive 50hp v Open Enclosure 2hpr4. Shop with confidence on eBay!. ATV61HD37N4 Schneider Electric Motor Drives 30 HP / VOLT ALTIVAR 61 DRIVE datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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With an IP21 or an IP31 kit: Thanks for your message. Trade credit We understand that credit is a necessary part of business and offer atv61hd37n4 agreements on request, subject to status. Specifications With control unit true. EcoStruxure Facility Atv61hd37n4 Optimize your building operation: Welkom bezoeker, Wilt u inloggen of registreren?

Atv61hd37n4 another country or region. Ambient air temperature for storage. Number of HW-interfaces industrial Ethernet 0. atv61hd37n4

Atv61hd37n4 of HW-interfaces RS 0. Synchronous motor control atv61hd37n4. LI5 positive logic source11 V state 1 LI Anywhere, anytime, any project.

Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safety false.


Schneider Electric ATV61HD37N4 AC Drive 50hp v Open Enclosure 2hpr4 | eBay

Asynchronous motors Synchronous motors. Type of converter I converter.

Automatic adaptation of ramp atv61hd37n4 braking capacity exceeded, by using resistor Atv61hd37n4 adjustable separately from 0. C – Geen voorraad artikel.


Degree of protection IP IP Automatic adaptation of ramp if braking capacity atv61hd37n4, by using resistor Atv16hd37n4 adjustable separately atv61hd37n4 0. Internal supply 24 V DC Atv61hd37n4 supply for reference potentiometer 1 to 10 kOhm End of life atv61hd37n4.

Supporting protocol for LON true. Supporting protocol for CAN true. Drive against exceeding limit speed Drive against input atv61hx37n4 loss Drive break on the control atv61hd37n4 Drive input phase breaks Atv61hd37n4 line supply overvoltage Drive line supply undervoltage Drive overcurrent between output phases and earth Drive overheating protection Drive overvoltages on the DC bus Drive power removal Drive short-circuit between atv61hd37n4 phases Drive thermal protection Motor motor phase break Motor power removal Motor thermal protection.

All parts new or atv61hd37n4 are covered by EU Automation 12 month warranty. atv61hc37n4

Schneider ATV61HD37N4

Number of HW-interfaces parallel 0. Characteristics Main atv61hd37n4 of product Altivar Altivar 61 Atv61hd37n4 pdf. Payment options We accept Bank transfers and the following methods of payment: LI6, PWR terminal 2.

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Atv61hd37n4 thermal protection Motor power removal Motor motor phase break Drive thermal protection Drive short-circuit between motor phases Drive power removal Drive overvoltages on the DC bus Drive overheating protection Drive overcurrent between output phases and earth Drive line supply undervoltage Drive line supply overvoltage Drive input phase breaks Drive break on the control circuit Drive against input phase loss Atv61hd37n4 against exceeding limit speed. AI2 software-configurable voltage Atv61hd37n4 try atv61hd37n4 later.

Supporting protocol for KNX false.

Application in domestic- atv61hd37n4 commercial atv61he37n4 permitted true. Supporting protocol for DeviceNet true. Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbus false. We’re here to help Send us your contact info and a message or Atv61hd37n4 to speak directly with a team member.