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Amendment 1 to BS. and the in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment. Chris Johnston. Tutor. Chief Examiner. City & Guilds. Slide 1. 17th Edition Amendment 1, Questions Answered. Last week’s blog post “New Year New 17 Edition” sparked an interesting comment from one of our readers. British Standard BS “Requirements for Electrical Installations. IET Wiring Regulations” The 17th edition and its amendments incorporated new sections relating to microgeneration and solar As originally published highlights – RCDs required for most outlets; Amendment 1 highlights – high resilience consumer units.

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17th Edition Amendment 1, Questions Answered – Electrical Training Course

Can you certify an electrical installation bs76771 the 17th Edition that is completed after 1 January ? Oh well, another set of regs pass me by! Typical sources for these disturbances include: Nic registration with no jobs to inspect yet or do the jobs then get them inspected. The future standard IEC Why would anyone pay above and beyond what you have to pay. Since the 15th editionthese regulations have closely followed the corresponding international amebdment IEC Get password for ERA when you otp-in to eNewsletter.

I am with Elecsa and they are very helpful. The ridiculous fee to then obtain the Building regs Part P to put into practice is pure extortion.

I am a fully qualified mechanic,and we have every tom dick and harry thinking they are a mech just because they can work from a backstreet lockup. My concern to the industry is the green periodic inspection forms amencment the new electrical installation condition reports. The 17th edition, released in January and amended in “Amendment 1″”Amendment 2” and January “Amendment 3” became effective for all installations designed after 1 July Some of the changes are as follows: Views Read Edit View history.


Amendments have been made in Sections, amendmeht,and to specifically refer to the appropriate use of Protective Multiple Earthing PME. Bs761 all we had to do was buy a book occasionally.

This improves the level of protection against electrical shock in the UK to a level comparable to that in other EU countries.

Amendment 1 of BS7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations

There are many companies who are amendmemt contractors where the qualified supervisor never sees the job and just does certs. You can get 17th Edition versions of these publications and then automatically receive Amendment 1 versions as they are published. I need to know what appendix 5 relates too amwndment anyone could help would be great. The development of BS is carried out in conjunction with the standard BS 0: Electricity at Work Regulations come fully into effect in Northern Ireland.

This amendment ties in with Regulation 15 of the Electricity at work Regulations and includes requirements for working space, gangway width, operational access, amebdment access, and emergency evacuation.

C1 — Danger present, risk of injury, immediate remedial action required. You can keep up to date with all new content on this blog by by following on Twitter. As with all trades you learn as you go all trades change as things progress.

Seems CE is good enough for the merchants, but not good enough for the british beef! Look closely at things, and you start to realise, just how absurd these documents actually are.

More information on the new Electrical Installation Condition Report. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Is there aemndment minor works exemption for the installation of RCDs?

Mainly concerning Electrical Switch rooms and Restricted Areas. It will also definately be worth asking for some advice in the forums. The development of Ameendment is carried out in conjunction with the standard BS 0: Emergency lighting regulations BS Find us on Facebook. Never bothered the LEB for 20 years to shift the street cable, so why all the concerns now the problem got screened out?


This new electromagnetic disturbances section provides recommendations to enable the avoidance and reduction of Electromagnetic Interference EMI. Single cu, Multiple dist boards and Sub-main circuits.

This new section will be published as a additional guidance note and introduced to the newly amended guidance note when published next year. I hope this helps. Copies can be ordered from the IET including a digital version in the form of an ebook. amehdment

17th Edition Amendment 1, Questions Answered

GREAT thanks electrical industry. My perspective is that it is really impossible to legislate against every eventuality.

Great blog, nice to have a source to share opinions. Just to advise, anyone unclear on what CE stands for, it means Certification Europe, which basically means a product passes the minimum standard required for a product to be sold within the EU. I am finding it real hard to find a ready supply of linear psu adapters out there in the high street, as the craze shites are all selling switchmodes, cos they use less iron, and are lighter to ship, so I thank heavens there are UK manufacturers that make aamendment If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.