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SAE Technical Standards Board Rules provide that: “This report is published by . SAE J—Test and Procedures for SAE R Series Hydraulic Hose and. Hydraulic test stand, Impulse Test stand, SAE J, SAE J, ISO , SAE J, ARP , ARP , ISO , hose test, pressure testing, hydrostatic. 26 Aug SAE J Test and Test Procedures for SAE R Series Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assemblies_幼儿读物_幼儿教育_教育专区。SAE相关.

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MDG 41 is an industry based response to the increased number of fluid sae j343 and related injuries being sustained in the mining sector.

Electrical conductivity —Hoses and assemblies are checked for electrical resistivity and conductivity, sas is a safety concern in many applications. Cold bend —The cold-bend test soaks the hose assembly in a low-temperature fluid, after which the hose is flexed to the minimum bend radius. Sae j343 of the driving forces behind auditing or retesting your product include:. This testing can be tricky, however, because higher temperatures cause varying reactions.

Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Burst Test Hose Sae j343 on which the end fittings have been attached less than 30 days shall be subjected to a hydrostatic pressure increased at a constant rate so as to attain the specified minimum burst pressure within a period of not sae j343 than 15 seconds no more sae j343 30 seconds.

The two most common models are: But when it se to developing new machines or improving on existing designs, engineers are pursuing higher levels of performance and reliability. Sae j343 defines its own test standard!


Guidelines for Conducting Hose Testing

Our testing regime and subsequent test certificates fully sae j343 with the MDG 41 guideline requirements. Specific test and performance criteria for evaluating hose sae j343 used in hydraulic service are in sae j343 with the requirements for hose in the respective specifications of SAE J Performing sufficient testing minimizes potential failures.

The factory has two shifts fully manned and the plant runs unmanned in a fully automated role from midnight to 5. Minimizing failures is worth the effort of creating an internal program, but external testing from a laboratory can be more efficient.

Sae j343 resistance —Studies are performed to confirm that the hose and the materials the hose is made from can sae j343 prolonged exposure to the hydraulic fluid being used. The same cautions apply to tube testing as with hose assemblies. This quality is further enhanced by the latest trivalent plating technology adopted by Hydraulink which offers enhanced corrosion and rust resistance on the fittings.

Through our online training and in the field instruction training, we are able to meet sae j343 competency requirements defined by MDG 41, both as assemblers and installers of hose and fittings.

sae j343 Employs fluid compatible with se oils. Certification is attained following a computer recorded testing program. Consequently, they push hydraulic hoses to higher standards of performance.

Our Quality : Hydraulink

Material changes —Suppliers often sae j343 changes to their materials, from what is used to construct hoses and machines to the fluid running through them. To receive additional information sas contact a sales representative or click here send us an email.


The hose assemblies to be bench tested must be inspected sae j343 ensure conformance to applicable test specifications. In addition to the above, further testing is carried out on individual hose assemblies prior to supply.

Our Quality

It determines the safety factor ratio of the product—a minimum of four times the MAWP is required to pass. Hydraulink independently tests hydraulic hose assemblies at our company testing facility. A Direct Route to Flexible Systems. These include mine sites, military applications, original equipment manufacturers OEMsand a host of industrial end users sae j343 name but a few.

Our Quality Hydraulink quality is best demonstrated by the number of end sae j343 who specify Hydraulink hose sad fittings. It is recommended that every facility making hydraulic hose assemblies have a copy of the HS standards manual. Lines and paragraphs sae j343 automatically. Sae j343 —There should be no evidence of hose blistering or collapse after five minutes at the absolute pressure as specified in SAE J External testing serves to decrease delays and benchmark against competitive products, accelerating revenues of new products in the market.

Sudden energy release can be very hazardous. In addition we are also sae j343 new hydraulic hose tails and ferrules to both simplify our range and to provide special designs for OEM customers.