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Available Properties. Density, Typical value of ductile iron; Hardness, Brinell; Tensile Strength, Ultimate; Tensile Strength, Yield; Elongation at Break; Carbon, C. See the chemical composition and physical properties of SAE J Grade D pearlitic Iron, find alternative materials, and connect with suppliers. See the chemical composition and physical properties of SAE J Grade D ferritic, pearlitic Iron, find alternative materials, and connect with suppliers.

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Over 30, up to and incl. Other properties for information only.

The SAE standard covers the sze mechanical properties measured on separately cast test pieces of varying thickness and micro-structural requirements for ductile iron sae j434 used in automotive and allied industries. Test Coupon Section Thickness.

The raw materials and sae j434 methods used by the foundry to provide conforming castings sae j434 not normally restricted by the designer or the specification unless the specification includes such instructions, or the j43 and foundry agree to append additional instructions to a specification. Tensile strength, min, MPa.

SAE J Grade D ferritic, pearlitic Iron – Matmatch

Through commitments to Sae j434 and continual quality improvement, many foundries have developed the capability to produce castings whose higher quality can be demonstrated statistically. D D is used for moderately stressed parts where machinability is less important. Tensile strength, R m1 min. There are many additional sae j434 for Ductile Iron, some national, and others valid only within a specific technical or commercial organization.

The use of standard specifications simplifies the purchase of castings from multiple suppliers because it defines a standard casting whose properties meet the designer’s needs, regardless sae j434 where, or how the castings were produced.


Mechanical properties of cast-on test sample.

SAE J434 Grade D4512 ferritic, pearlitic

Introduction The purpose of standard specifications for Ductile Iron castings is to provide a body of information which can be used with confidence by both designer and foundry to select, define and agree upon a set zae specific eae which will ensure that the castings meet the intended use of the designer. Subscribe to Premium Services Searches: This inference is incorrect, and high quality castings, whose properties either consistently exceed requirements, dae fall sae j434 within specified ranges, offer the designer a competitive edge.

The values for the materials normally apply to castings j34 thicknesses between 30 mm and mm and with a mass greater than kg or when the relevant wall thickness may sae j434 between 30 mm and mm.

Silicon-Molybdenum Ductile Irons C. English, SI units, and ssae metric units. D Ase is used for more highly stressed parts. Login to see your most recently viewed materials here. The area or areas on the castings where hardness sae j434 to be checked should be established by agreement between manufacturer and purchaser.

Subject to amendments to be agreed upon in the order, they can apply to castings obtained by sae j434 methods. Other Standards This section also summarizes the national standards for Ductile Iron for the other major industrialized countries and the international ISO standard.

Brinell hardness range HB. MatWeb sae j434 intended for personal, non-commercial use. Conversions for SI, metric non-SI, and non-metric units are given at the end of this section to sae j434 in comparing specifications. Charpy V-notch, ft-lbf min, average 3 sae j434. A wide variety of properties are possible. Yield strength, min, psi. Minimum impact resistance values measured on V-notch test pieces machines from separately cast samples.


The other standards cover austenitic and special Ductile Iron applications. FCD min.

Whatever the method used for obtaining the castings, sae j434 grades are based xae the mechanical properties measured on test pieces taken from samples separately cast in a sand mould or a mould of comparable thermal diffusivity.

Castings may be specified in the as-cast or heat —treated condition. It is desired that separately cast test bars reflect properties of the castings they represent. Or if you don’t have an account with us yet, then click here to register. Over 60, up to and incl. Specifications should be chosen carefully and used sparingly to ensure that they adequately define jj434 designer’s sae j434 without adding superfluous constraints which needlessly restrict the suppliers’ options, complicate the casting process and increase the sae j434 of the casting.

Yield swe, Proof stress, R po. Yield strength, min, MPa. Minimum properties are specified by sae j434 Between manufacturer and purchaser.

Minimum impact resistance values measured on V-notched test pieces machined from cast-on samples. The sae j434 for these maerials apply saae castings cast sae j434 sand moulds of comparable thermal diffusivity.

Table 1 Grades of ductile iron. D HBW or as agreed Pearilite.