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SAP PP module tutorials, tables, transaction codes, sub components, Plant Data Collection ((P-PDC); Production Planning for Process Industries (PP-PI). SAP PP/PPPI Modules, Made-to-Order Versus Made to Stock, Steps in . After creating planned orders for the header material, if a certain dependent. Tutorial of Assembly Orders, Capacity requirements, Product Cost Planning, Home» SAP PP (Production Planning)» PP (Production Planning) Tutorial . There are two types of subcontracting relevant for PP module: 1. Can anyone explain to me how the goods issue and goods receipt are done through a PI sheet.

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When you produce according to a periodic forecasted demand and sell the product to any incoming customer who wants to buy them, it is called “Made to Stock” Production. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Master Data Explosion in Work order. MRP Modulle Planned orders or sap pp pi module tutorial requisitions for the externally procured dependent requirement, only for the shortage quantities Requirement qty – Available qty.

PP Production Planning – 35 hrs – Comprehensive Video Training

Thus when you create a Recipe you need to create or enter a valid Production version for the Header Material. The Operator or Supervisor gets a list of sap pp pi module tutorial the components that are required for production through a reservation list created in SAP a reservation list is created for every order at the time of order creation. Production Orders are created and released on the shop floor. Information used on this site is at your own risk.

Production Supervisors or Planners convert the planned orders to Production orders or Process orders. Tutoroal floats and operation floats buffers are taken into account while deriving the sap pp pi module tutorial. While creating the Procurement Proposals for the components, it takes in to considerations the Lot sizing procedures, special procurements, Quota arrangements.


SAP PP (Production Planning) Training Tutorial

For example Production of Designer Jewelry, Production of Areoplanes, production of Special type of steel, High end instruments and vechiles etc. MRP Evaluates the Planned Periodic Demand for the Material and while doing this it checks for availability of the Materials in stock and computes the shortage quantities.

The procurement proposal is also scheduled which means that, for materials procured externally, the delivery and release dates are determined, tutlrial for materials produced in-house, the production dates are calculated. You can say making pumps, engines, cars, airplanes. Orders which are received in to stock are settled by the sap pp pi module tutorial team.

They can be reworked upon sap pp pi module tutorial to a large extent. The Production order has no link to any customer atall. Routing or a Recipe has operations with work centers placed in a sequence of production. MRP Planned order for Externally procured demands.

Purchasers would convert the Planned orders or Purchase requisitions to Purchase orders. Sales order in some futorial is referenced from a previous enquiry or quotation of sales created.

MRP then explodes the Bill of materials for the sa; Material and plans the dependent requirements by evaluating the shortage quantities Requirement qty – Available qty and dates of the components required in production as per the BOM.

Production order Shop Floor Execution.

Once the Production orders are Released, they are thrown on the shop floor for Production: All the scheduling happens at the phase level. Strategy 20 is used tutorisl Made to order scenario, in which case the production is tagged with the customer order. Recipes also hold the Process instructions which are treated as information for the shop floor operators or the legacy shop floor system on what tutoriql to be produced sap pp pi module tutorial how it is to be produced and what qty is to be confirmed for production and how much is to be received against the production order.


Conversion of Planned orders.

What is Work Order. After Calculating the Proposal quantities for Inhouse Procuded Materials, the System explodes the Routing or Recipes if MRP is set at Lead time scheduling which helps in correctly evaluating the basic order start date and basic order end date. Example Mass Steel Production. MRP system ttorial the operation execution dates and inturn the order tutoria time from a forward start date or from a backward end date provided sap pp pi module tutorial set at backward scheduling in Scheculing Parameters customizing.

Recipes have Phases in place of operation which holds the work centers in a sequence of production. When you specially produce and deliver a product for a customer’s order, it is called “Made to order” Production. Such process instructions in turn except a return message from the shop floor about order confirmations quantities at the phases, order Goods receipt quantities and other QM inspection results mpdule usage decision related data; these messages come back to SAP as Process Messages and book sap pp pi module tutorial, GR, QM activities in SAP Tables.