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Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture has ratings and 9 reviews. Paperback book. Uncle Fester @ Wikipedia: (author) * [ Uncle Fester Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture. Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture. Pages·· MB· Downloads. @ Web site: nics. Uncle Fester Secrets Of.

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This cuts his consumption of methylamine to about half of what it would be without this technique. A piece of filter pa- per covers the flat bottom of the Methmphetamine funnel.

fwster As a precaution, he equips these dumps with a phone and answering machine so that they can call him back. However, if the underground chemist was reckless enough to obtain N-methyl- formamide ready made, he will secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester to distill it under a vacuum before it can be used in this reac- tion.

Grady Mann rated it really liked it Methamphetamind 17, These bubbles refuse to break and they carry undistilled material along with them to the collecting flask, leaving a red liquid over there.

After it is bent, he will blow through the tubing to make sure he did not melt it shut. Once again the water in B is put in the sep funnel.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture

Or maybe setting up shop using common flavoring ingredients? During the distillation process, a fair amount of methylamine was lost, leaving the N-methyl- formamide with too much formic acid. Soon the methylamine begins boiling out secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester moving through the tubing into the formic acid. Ethyl ether 50 gal or It has a unique but not unpleasant smell.


This Fifth Edition will heap both upon their heads in liberal portions. The brown methamphetamine- toluene layer is poured into a clean, dry ml round bottom flask.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture by Uncle Fester

I have personally seen Teflon and Teflon-based paints in action. Ether is more expen- sive, and flammable. The very thought that home chemical experimentation might have some pur- pose other than drug manufacture has been ban- ished from the general consciousness. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Big batches take a long time to dry, so people here put them in a centrifuge. They are mixed by swirling. At first, what distills over are the last remnants of toluene and water left in the dis- tilling flask.


Instead of formamide, you can also use ammonium formate. A series of pots with different volumes are constructed, each with the same size stainless-steel threaded-pipe neck welded to the top. After they are mixed, this flask is set up as shown in Figure Within about 10 seconds, the odor of methylamine can be detected above the N-methyl- formamide.

A good way to get ice cold water for the condenser is to get a couple of 5-gallon pails. Figure 19 A source of anhydrous hydrogen chloride gas is now needed.

Manufactjre the N-methylformamide distills, the temperature rises a little bit above the manufacfure perature at which he first began collecting the N- methylformamide, then holds steady. He buys the book, Feste.

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To get good results, he uses it within a few hours after distilling it. It reacts violently secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester water to produce sodium hydroxide and hydrogen. If such a leak is detected, the joint it is escaping from is tightened up.

When the rate of secreta slows down to almost stopping, it is time secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester raise the temperature.

Cold water should be flowing through the condenser. The chemist tries to get it to land in a jumbled pattern, as shown in the drawing. The heat is turned about half way to maximum, and the flow of cold water through the condenser is begun. If that does not do enough, the wet towel ujcle secrets of methamphetamine manufacture uncle fester on top of the flask.

This fire will destroy all the evidence. The sep funnel is washed out with hot water. How do decent people survive in such a place? Invisible Marijuana methampjetamine Robert Bunch.

Then the crystals are poured into the Buchner funnel.